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Pure Energy was started in June 2013, out of a need identified in big and small corporates for ‘Performance Assurance through Sales Transformation’. Even the largest of corporates and not just the smaller ones, can have a run of success, but this success cannot be sustained without the rigour of 3 Ps – Product, Process & People.


Product is all about being continuously innovative, being close to the customer's expressed or latent needs and in driving affordability to manage scale. Finally for the marketer, effectiveness of the product is measured through sales, and this depends on being able to communicate and distribute the product effectively.


Process is all about creating the efficiency, speed-to-market and compliances necessary to ensure the business is sustainable, keeps growing without having to re-invent the wheel and is not dependent on only individual brilliance. It ensures that it straddles every function and sphere of doing business, but at the same time is simple, easy to understand and easy to execute. This is reflected in it being easy to duplicate across geographies in the organisation. The only flip-side to creating process transparency across the organisation is that it is susceptible to duplication even by your competitors. But then it is a long-standing truth 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'.


The key to success lies in not just getting/ recruiting the right talent, but in being able to get this talent on a constant stream of performance-delivery through engagement, review, motivation and coaching. Only when people have an intrinsic belief in there and their team's ability to succeed, will they actually succeed. Many organisations and leaders do not recognise this simple truth, and suffer from 'toxicity' in the way they manage people or teams. At the most basic level it begins with courtesy for others and their time, followed by good manners, attentive listening and 'active trust'.

Pure Energy’s training modules developed on the above 3 Ps, can become an integral part of training your Sales team, and mentoring the Sales & Marketing leadership on our Domain Expertise in

  • Distribution
  • Sales Process Excellence
  • Marketing Innovations
  • Process Innovations (including Sales Automation)
  • Loyalty Programs, CRM and Consumer Engagement
  • Trade ROI and Trade Engagement
  • Project Management
  • P&L Management
  • Interactive & Motivational Leadership
  • Soft-Skills & Life-Skills (eg. Negotiation, Conflict-Resolution, Collaboration etc)

    Sanjeev & Deepak have already provided training on soft-skills and go-to-market to teams at companies like Marico, Godrej-Tyson Foods, Jean Claude Biguine, Mcnroe Consumer Products, Himalaya Drug Company, Mars International, Dish TV, JK Helene Curtis, Colgate Palmolive, Saint Gobain Glass,  Cello Writing Instruments, Philips,  to Telecom professionals across the globe, as Guidepoint Consultants to global clients and to budding managerial talent in Business Schools.

    Pure Energy Academy is promoted by Sanjeev Goel and Deepak Aggrawal. Read More